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Serving Those in Need

Seeing a loved one's mental and physical capacities decline can be terrifying. Decisions must be made and they are oftentimes difficult. Most prove to be expensive and affect your loved one for the rest of their life.

At Armada Guardians, we understand what you are going through.  Following a rigorous training course authorized by the Florida Office of Public and Professional Guardians, Trevor S. Odom began Armada Guardians in August 2021. Armada Guardians is independent of Armada Advisors and owned wholly by Trevor. He serves as Guardian for both the person and property and can serve as Emergency Temporary Guardian.


 In addition to Guardianship services, Trevor specializes in pre-incapacity directives and end of life planning making sure you are cared for in your later years. This includes protection of assets, trust services, power of attorney, health care surrogacy, living wills, and more. It is imperative that your wishes are followed upon and we strive to make that happen.

If you want more information on Guardianship or are interested in making an end of life plan, don't hesitate, call 850-497-6167 for a complementary meeting.  

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*Now Located at 1800 North E St
Pensacola, FL 32501

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